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Tel:+86-20-86256597                       MB:+86-133-1622-8181(any time)
ADD:No.80,Hougang North Street,

Qingcha Rd,Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China.

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Hwarrior Company Pro

Factory introduction






Aluminum Glass Curtain Wall Factory introduction

Hwarrior is a professional China aluminum glass curtain wall factory , has 23 years experiene in facade system, provding customized design for aluminum glass curtain wall ,  aluminum window and door system , partition system manufactuer .


Hwarrior with the profound experiences  and knowledge in kinds of facade projects. 
Our team strictly following international standard such as below:
. CE and /TUV standarnd and test .
. PE of singapore calculation and test .
· AS2047 Windows in buildings-Selection and installation
· AS/NZS4284 Testing of building facades
· AS1530.1 Methods for fire tests on building materials,components and structural-Combustibility test of materials,
· AS/NZS 1170.0 Structural Design Actions-General principles

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