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Tel:+86-20-86256597                       MB:+86-133-1622-8181(any time)
ADD:No.80,Hougang North Street,

Qingcha Rd,Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China.

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  • Normanton Park, Singapore

    Normanton Park, Singapore

    2020-05-14 03\:06
  • ABLE COMPUTING,Papua New Guinea

    ABLE COMPUTING,Papua New Guinea One of the projects in Moresby of Papua New Guinea for the client, IPI OFFICE BUILDING Type:officel building Time: 2019 Product: Aluminum glass curtain wall, Aluminum composite panel curtain wall, Stone curtain wall, Window and door system, Glass partition,Aluminum louver window,glass railing Service:Design, production, instalaltion guidance

  • Dunamis Church, Nigeria

    DUNAMIS CHURCH One of the projects in Abuja of Nigeria for the client, DUNAMIS CHURCH Type:church Time: 2016-2017 Product: Aluminum glass curtain wall, Aluminum composite panel curtain wall, window and door system Service:Design, Site mearsurement,production, instalaltion guidance

    2019-07-11 11\:07
  • TOTAL, Equatorial Guinea

    Total office building One of the projects in Equatorial Guinea for the client, Total office building Type: office building Time:2016 Product: aluminum grilling Service:Design,site measurement,production

    2019-07-11 10\:56
  • TSL101, Singapore

    TSL 101 One of the projects in Singapore for the client,TSL 101 commercial office building Type:commercial office building Time:2017-2018 Product:Aluminum glass curtain wall,aluminum panel,aluminum window and door system,aluminum louvers Service:Design,site measurement,production,installaiton guidance,test in Singapore

    2019-03-01 04\:31
  • HC, South America

    FIVE STAR HOTEL CARIBE One of the projects in South America for the client, FIVE STAR HOTEL CARIBE Type:five star hotel Time: under construction Product: Aluminum glass curtain wall, Aluminum composite panel curtain wall, superdyma curtain wall, window and door system, glass railing, aluminum grilling Service:Design, Site mearsurement,production,team instalaltion

    2018-11-29 12\:04
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